The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2022
Berkeley Prize 2022

Essay Prize and Travel Fellowship Jurors: Past and Present

2022 - Design Guided by Clients' Needs: Applying Social Factors Research to Architecture

Aleksis Bertoni
Dorit Fromm
Elli Mosayebi
Augustine Owusu-Ansah

2021 - Architects in Service to the Community

Gauri Bharat
Aboubacar Komara
Clare Robinson
Jørgen Bech Taxholm

2020 - Designing Civic Buildings: The Architect Works with a Team 

Guari Bharat, India Karen Trapenberg Frick, Ph.D., United States: Associate Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley College of Environmental Design (CED); Director of the University of California Transportation Center; and CED graduate. Her current research focuses on the politics and implementation of transportation infrastructure. This includes the recent book, Remaking the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: A Case of Shadowboxing with Nature; and articles on the conservative U.S. political Tea Party and property rights activists’ perspectives on planning and planners’ responses. Prior to her university career, Dr. Frick was a transportation planner and project manager at the San Francisco Bay Area's Metropolitan Transportation Commission for nine years.
Naomichi Kurata, Japan: Architect and Urban Designer; Principal, Studio URBAN HOUSE, Architecture and Planning, Tokyo; Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Urban Design at Kogakuin University, Tokyo; Chair, Town Design Aid - Japan (TDA); and CED graduate. Research and practice focus on urban design methodology, planning and design of public spaces, sustainable communities, and downtown revitalization and campus planning. His most recent projects include campus master plans for several Japanese universities, urban development master plans, and planning and design of station plazas and streets in various cities. Kurata has published multiple books, including the English-Japanese Dictionary of Urban Planning for International Professionals; and The Urban Design Process.
Eric Klinenberg, Ph.D., United States: Helen Gould Shepard Professor in the Social Sciences and Director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, New York; Research Director of Rebuild by Design - whose aim is “Reimagining the process by which communities create solutions to complex problems;” and U.C. Berkeley sociology graduate. In 2019, Klinenberg was named a Knight Foundation Public Space Fellow in recognition of his leadership in the creation of innovative urban public spaces. His most recent book is Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline of Civic Life. Among other publications, he is also the editor of Climate Change and the Future of Cities; and coauthor with Aziz Ansari, of the #1 New York Times bestseller Modern Romance.
Malini Krishnankutty, Ph.D., India: Architect and planner with wide experience in development and regional planning in India; Adjunct Associate Professor at the India Institute of Technology (IIT) Centre for Urban Science and Engineering, Mumbai; CED graduate; and Member, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee. Her research focuses on sustainable urban planning, peri-urban development, and tracing historical underpinnings of modern urban planning in India. Over the last two decades, she has served as a consultant on major regional urban planning projects, including the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Plan 2016-36, and has been active in building critical discourse around architecture in India. Since 2008, she has co-initiated a community of sustainability practitioners, the Gubbi Alliance for Sustainable Habitat.

2019 - Architecture and Climate Resilience 

Fadi Masoud, Canada: Landscape Architect, and Planner; Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, University of Toronto, Canada.  Masoud’s research and design work engages the landscape and its underlying systems as operational forces in shaping urbanism. His current work focuses on establishing relationships between these dynamic large-scale environmental systems, design, and the instrumentality of planning frameworks, policies, and codes. Among his community efforts, he currently serves as a member of the Resilient Toronto’s Urban Flooding Working Group. Among other honors, Masoud is a former Fulbright Fellow, is widely published and has lectured in North America and Europe.
Youssef Nassef, Egypt: Director of the Adaptation Programme, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Bonn, Germany).  A major focus of his work is the nexus of climate resilience with sustainable development.  Building on three decades of work in international environmental policy, he has launched and implemented a number of ongoing initiatives at the United Nations supporting adaptation and resilience in response to climate change.  These include the National Adaptation Plans for developing countries and National Adaptation Programmes of Action for Least Developed Countries; the Nairobi Work Programme, and the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage.  Nassef is a seconded diplomat from the Egyptian Foreign Service.
Avikal Somvanshi, India: Architect and Urbanologist; Programme Manager, Sustainable Cities Programme, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, India. His work focuses on greening policies and practices shaping the urban built environment was instrumental in persuading the Indian Government to enact India's first ever rules to manage and recycle construction and demolition waste.  He has co-authored two books Building Sense: Beyond the green facade of sustainable habitat; and Building Wise: Exploring sustainable architecture in an unequal and changing world (upcoming).  Somvanshi was a winner of the 2008 BERKELEY PRIZE Architectural Design Fellowship Competition and is a PRIZE Committee Member.
Susan Ubbelohde, United States: Professor in the Department of Architecture and Associate Dean of the College of Environmental Design at University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.; Principal and founding partner of Loisos + Ubbelohde (Alameda, California). L+U is an architecture and consulting office of “unconventional practice” that brings research methods to the practice of high-performance integrated design. The firm has pioneered new methods of lighting and daylighting design and analysis; design and fabrication of light sculptures; energy conservation and thermal comfort analysis; natural ventilation analysis; and building monitoring and data visualization. The application of these advances have led to numerous design and sustainability awards.  

2018 - Applying the Social Art of Architecture

Benard Acellam, Uganda: Architect; Architecture faculty, International University of East Africa in Kampala.  Now working with Technology Consults Limited on the design and documentation of the Bibia-Elegu Cross-Broder Market in Uganda.  Among other awards, UN-Habitat social media and blogging award on the theme of eco mobility.  Benard won both the Second Place Prize in the 2015 Essay Prize Competition, and a Travel Fellowship in 2011. He is now a member of the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee.
Thomas-Bernard Kenniff, Ph.D., Canada: Architect; Professor in the Environmental Design program at the École de design, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).  He has previously worked in Toronto, Barcelona, and Madrid.  Since 2004, Dr. Kenniff’s research has addressed the public realm, particularly the making of social space.  Currently working on a three-year design-research project on the construction of Montréal’s public realm over the last 20 years. Thomas-Bernard received the First Place Prize in the 2002 Essay Prize competition.  He is a member of the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee.
Neelakshi Joshi, India: Architect and urban planner.  Previously worked at the Auroville Earth Institute, UNESCO chair for earth construction specializing in low cost and sustainable earth-based construction.  Subsequent residential project in Ladakh, reviving the local rammed earth techniques and passive solar design, was awarded the Terra Award 2016. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School, Germany. Neelakshi won both a First Place Prize in the 2009 Essay Prize competition, and an Architectural Design Fellowship in the same year.
Preeti Talwai, United States: Currently working as a User Experience Researcher at X (formerly Google[x]), the innovation lab of Google where she studies human needs, attitudes, motivations, and behaviors across different domains and ecosystems.  At X, she is the only researcher with an architectural background.  She says of her work: To me the most exciting thing about the social art of architecture is its universal significance to almost any discipline.”  Preeti won a BERKELEY PRIZE Architectural Design Fellowship in 2011.

2017 - Architecture Reveals Communities

Sangeeta Bagga-Mehta, Architect; Professor, Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh, India where she has conducted multiple collaborative student workshops focused on the examination of urban landscapes, environmental design and social issues; Internationally-recognized figure in modern heritage conservation and urban social history studies of Chandigarh; and Member, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee.
Mark L. Gillem, Architect (FAIA) and Planner; Professor, architecture and urban design, University of Oregon, Eugene, U.S.A.; Director, School of Architecture’s Ph.D. Program and the Urban Design Lab; Director of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE); Principal of The Urban Collaborative, LLC, Eugene; and author of America Town: Building the Outposts of Empire.
Omar Khattab, Architect; Dean, College of Architecture and Chair of the Department of Architecture, Kuwait University; Responsible for major design projects including the Care Centre for the Mentally Disabled and the Kuwait Autism Centre; elected representative on the managing board of the RIBA Gulf Chapter; and co-author of Cities in Transition: Transforming the Global Built Environment.
Faiq Mari, Architect; Former student, teacher and BERKELEY PRIZE Associate Teaching Fellow, Birzeit University, Palestine; current Fulbright scholar at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A., studying the role of the built environment under settler colonialism in Palestine; Second P

2016 - Sheltering Those In Need:  Architects Confront Homelessness

Sam Davis, Architect, Berkeley, California, U.S.A.; Professor Emeritus of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley; Interim Dean, College of Environmental Design, and School of Social Welfare; Author, Designing for the Homeless: Architecture that Works; Recipient, Humanities Research Fellowship from the University of California, and a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work on homelessness.
Christopher Herring, Doctoral candidate of Sociology, U.C. Berkeley; Research: the restructuring of homeless regulation in the American city in the last thirty years by living alongside those experiencing homelessness in encampments, shelters, and residential hotels; Affiliations: U.C. Global Metropolitan Studies Program, and the National Coalition on Homelessness (U.S.A.).
Kyohei Sakaguchi, Artist and architect, concentrating on applying lessons learned from homeless populations in Japan and from Japanese Buddhism to housing, energy consumption, and ways of living; Author, Zero Yen House that explores ways to build cheap, durable, and portable housing; Exhibitions, Canada, Kenya, Japan, Mexico, Belgium.
Fried Wittman, Founder and President, CLEW Associates, Berkeley, U.S.A., specializing in architectural programming and environmental design to support delivery of community health, safety and social services; Consultant, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and the Public Health Institute (U.S.A.) on the development of housing to serve homeless people with alcoholism and drug addiction issues.

2015 - Architects Confront Poverty

John Cary, Founding Editor,; Founding Executive Director, Autodesk Foundation; Co-editor, Power of Pro Bono; Strategist, TED Prize and co-lead of The City 2.0; Member, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee.
Teddy Cruz, Professor, Department of Visual Arts, University of California, San Diego; Co-Director of the UCSD Center for Urban Ecologies and the Blum Cross-Border Initiative for Urban Ecologies; Member of the board of directors, San Diego’s Center City Development Corporation.
Arif Hasan, Architect and Planner, Karachi, Pakistan; Founding Chairperson of the Orangi Pilot Project; Founding Chairperson of the Urban Resource Center; 2002 Winner of the World Habitat Award; 2001 recipient of the Hilal-i-Imtiaz award.
Ananya Roy, Professor and Distinguished Chair, Global Poverty and Practice, University of California, Berkeley; Education Director, Blum Center for Developing Economies; Author, Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the Making of Development.

2014 - The Architect and the Healthful Environment

Arza Churchman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Technion Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Haifa, Israel; past President, International Association for People-Environment Studies; 2001 Career Achievement Award of the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA).
Susan Golstman, FASLA, Children's Environmental Designer with degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Psychology; Founding Principal of Moore, Iacofano, Goltsman (MIG), Inc., Berkeley, California, U.S.A., author of Play for All Guidelines and The Inclusive City.
Daniel Karlin, M.D., Medical Resident, University of California at Los Angeles Combined Program in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Researcher at the intersection of medicine and urban design globally; Recipient, Albert Schweitzer Community Service Fellowship; Member, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee.
Adriano Pupilli, RAIA, Sydney, Australia-based architect working at the junction of art, architecture, ethics and the environment; Collaborator in Healthabitat, and on community-led development initiatives, including Fixing Houses for Better Health; First winner, BERKELEY PRIZE Travel Fellowship (2004). 

2013 - The Architect and the Accessible City

Chris Downey, AIA, Principal, Chris Downey, Architecture for the Blind, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.; Lecturer in Architecture, University of California, Berkeley College of Environmental Design
Deepak K.C, Architect, Kathmandu, Nepal; Consultant, Nepal’s Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare; Founding Member, Independent Living Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Kathmandu
Rachna Khare, Architect; Professor and Co-coordinator of the Centre for Human Centric Research, School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopa, Madhya Pradesh, India
Camilla Ryhl, Architect; Professor, Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen, Norway; Senior Researcher, Danish Building Research Institute; Founding Member, Nordic Network on Architectural Research in Design-for-All

2012 - Architecture for the Public Good

Christine Macy, Dean  Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Member, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee.
Michael Pyatok, FAIA, Principal, Pyatok Architects Inc., Architecture, Planning, Research, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
Gustavo Romero,  Architect; Professor, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) México, D.F., México; President, Fomento Solidario de la Vivienda A.C. (FOSOVI).
Robert Ungar, Architecture student, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel; 2010 BERKELEY PRIZE Architectural Design Fellow.

2011 - Valuing the Sacred

Andrew Amara, Architect, Dimensions Architects and Interioor Designers Limited, Kampala; Winner, BERKELEY PRIZE Travel Fellowship, 2006.
Paul Broches, FAIA, Principal, Mitchell/Giurgola Architects, LLP, New York; Member, BERKELEY PRIZE COMMITTEE.  
Clare Cooper Marcus, Professor Emerita of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley.
Nalini Thakur, Professor of Architectural Conservation, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi.

2010 - Historic Preservation/Heritage Conservation

Maristella Casciato, Chair, DOCOMOMO INTERNATIONAL (International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement).
Andrew Dolkart, Associate Professor, Columbia University; Director, Historic Preservation Program.
Maire O’Neill, Associate Professor, Montana State University; Member, BERKELEY PRIZE COMMITTEE.
John Stubbs, Associate Professor, Columbia University; Vice President for Field Projects, World Monuments Fund.
Johannes Widodo, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore; Executive Editor, JSEAA (Journal of Southeast Asian Architecture).

2009 - Sustainable Architecture/Traditional Wisdom

Gail Brager, Professor of Architecture, Building Science and Associate Director, Center for the Built Environment, University of California-Berkeley
Chuck Davis, Senior Principal at EHDD Architecture, San Francisco, California; Fellow, American Institute of Architects
Tom Fisher, Professor and Dean, College of Design, University of Minnesota
Ahmad Hamid, Principal Founder Ahmad Hamid Architects; Professor of Architecture and Design at Modern Sciences and Arts University, Cairo; Faculty, American University, Cairo
John Ochsendorf, Associate Professor of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MacArthur Foundation Fellow

2008 - Competing to Serve

Lynne Elizabeth, Director, New Village Press; President, Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility
E.G. Daves Rossell, Professor, Savannah College of Art and Design; Director, the Lowcountry Initiative; Director, Vernacular Architecture Forum 28th International Meeting
Marielle Richon, Program Specialist, Section for Communication, Education and Partnerships, UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Hasan Uddin-Khan, Professor, Roger Williams University; Director, International Fellows Program, Roger Williams University

2007 - Making Social Architecture

Rodney Harber, Harber and Associates, Musgrave, South Africa; Chair, Bureau of Research and Technology, African Union of Architects
Nguyen Chi Tam, theskyisbeautiful, Paris, France
Elizibeth Ogbu, Public Architecture, San Francisco, CA, USA
Ron Van Oers, Program Specialist, UNESCO World Heritage Centre; Faculty of Architecture, Delft, Holland

2006 - Children and the City

Noeman AlSayyad, Cairo University and University of California, Berkeley
Roger Hart, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
Herman Hertzberger, Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam; Berlage Institute, Amsterdam
Anna Rubbo, University of Sydney, Australia

2005 - Memorable Public Spaces

Lesley Naa Norle Lokko, Lokko Associates Architects, Accra, Ghana; University of Westminster, UK; and University of Cape Town, South Africa
Donlyn Lyndon, University of California at Berkeley, USA
Rahul Mehrotra, Rahul Mehrotra Associates, Architects and Planners, Mumbai, India, and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Giles Oliver, Penoyre & Prasad, LLP, London , UK, and University of Cambridge, UK

2004 - The Architect Reports on Refugees, The Homeless, and the Urban Poor

Marco Casagrande, Casagrande & Rintala, Helsinki, Finland
Beth Gali, Beth Gali Arquitecte, and Escola Tecnica Superior d'Architectura de Barcelona (ESTAB), Barcelona, Spain
Peter Prangnell, Toronto, Canada
Minja Yang, UNESCO, Paris, France


2003 - Buildings that Achieve World-Class Status

Brit Andresen, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO, Paris, France
Jo Noero, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Brigitte Shim, Shim-Sutcliffe Architects and University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

2002 - The Role of the Street in Fostering Social Life

James S. Ackerman, Ph.D., Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
Charles Correa, Charles Correa Associates, Mumbai, India, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA
Connie Occhialini, International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design, Milan, Italy
Nicholas Ray, Nicholas Ray Associates, Cambridge, UK, and University of Cambridge, UK

2001 - The Street Mediates Between Public and Private Lives

Roberta Feldman, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Peter Prangnell, Toronto, Canada
Anthony W. Schuman, NJIT, Newark, USA

2000 - What role can architecture play as a socially responsive endeavor in the future?

Stanford Anderson, MIT, Cambridge, USA
Benjamin Clavan, Ph.D., Architect, West Hollywood, USA
Diane Ghirardo, Ph.D., University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

1998-99 - The Architect Meets the Nursing Home

Benjamin Clavan, Ph.D., Architect, West Hollywood, USA
Andrew Fischer, Regan Bice Architects, Berkeley, USA
Raymond Lifchez, University of California, Berkeley, USA
W. Mike Martin, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Karin Payson, Karin Payson architecture and design, San Francisco, USA
Michael Pyatok, Pyatok Associates, Oakland and Seattle, USA; University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Wendy Tsuji, Frost & Tsuji, San Francisco, USA
Richard Whitaker, University of Illinois at Chicago, emeritus, Berkeley, USA

travel fellowship jurors


Members of the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee


Members of the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee


Members of the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee


Members of the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee


Benjamin Clavan, Ph.D., AIA, Architect; Coordinator, BERKELEY PRIZE and Editor,, Member, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee
Gerard (Roddy) Creedon, Architect; Continuing Lecturer in Architecture, University of California, Berkeley; Member, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee
Ray Lifchez, Professor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley; Chair, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee
David Salazar, Owner's Representation, Project Management, Development and Design; Member, BERKELEY PRIZE Committee 


Members of the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee


Members of the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee


Budoor Bukhari, Student of Architecture; Winner, 2007 Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship
Farrokh Derakhshani, Architect; Director, Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Ray Lifchez, Professor, University of California Berkeley; Chair, Berkeley Prize Committee
Anthony Schuman, Architect; Associate Professor, New Jersey Institute of Architecture
Adi Shamir, Executive Director, Van Alen Institute; Associate Professor, California College of the Arts


Ray Lifchez, Professor, University of California Berkeley; Chair, Berkeley Prize Committee
John Peterson, Founder, Public Architecture; Principal, Peterson Architects
Adriano Pupilli, Sydney Australia, 2004 Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship recipient
Leslie Van Duzer, Professor, University of Minnesota


Louise Chawla, International Coordinator, GUIC
Benjamin Clavan, Ph.D., Architect, Member, Berkeley Prize Committee
David Driskell, Cornell University, UNESCO Chair, GUIC
Ray Lifchez, University of California Berkeley Department of Architecture, Chair, Berkeley Prize Committee
Jason Miller, MLIS, University of California Berkeley Department of Architecture, Secretary and Member of the Berkeley Prize Committee
Adriano Pupilli, Sydney Australia, 2004 Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship recipient

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