The Fourteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2012
Berkeley Prize 2012

Gauri Mathur Bio

"The sunny little town of Jaipur in the desert state of Rajasthan, India, has been my hometown for the last 20 years. Rich in culture and traditions the city has had a major influence on my upbringing.  

I have come to appreciate the beauty of these traditions even more, since I moved out to pursue my degree in Architecture.

The interest in this field first developed as a fine arts student in high school. Architecture seemed like a reasonable prospect for higher studies. It is one which demands creativity and logic at every stage and seemed perfect for utilizing the creative zest in me.

The journey as an architecture student has been eye opening. We are exposed to a diverse array of subjects, ranging from the study of ziggurats to the newest structural systems. It is amazing how one is transported to lands far off whilst sitting in meagre lecture rooms.

Looking into another aspect of this course, the constant nagging of faculty members has made me resilient; the occasional pat on the back has made me realize that hard work pays off after all; those moments when you are on the verge of giving up make me think of all the friends who have stood by my side in times- good and bad.

Treading on the path of self- exploration, I'm still figuring out my forte'. Vernacular architecture deeply interests me and learning about traditional architecture stemming from different cultures continually awes me. I feel that the simplicity and ingenuity of vernacular building techniques will find its way back into the current building scenario and result in a harmonious and sustainable built environment.   

Born in a joint family, I have been enriched with the experience and knowledge of each one of the family members. They have been supportive in all my endeavours and I owe all my achievements to them.

I hope to go a long way beginning with this essay, and keep on adding chapters to this book called life."

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