The Thirteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2011
Berkeley Prize 2011

To Enter

Here are the ground rules:

  1. Your Proposal must be for participation in a program, conference, or specific project organized by an academic, institutional, or governmental or non-governmental social organization outside of your school.  (NOTE:  The GLOBAL STUDIO option automatically fulfills this requirement.)
  2. U.S. CITIZENS NOTE: Proposals for self-directed travel may not be made to visit or study in countries with travel advisories issued by the United States Department of State. For all students, the BERKELEY PRIZE will not fund travel to countries currently in armed conflict.  
  3. Travel must occur in the summer of 2011 or during your academic institution’s summer break.
  4. The winning student will be asked to write a Report on their travels that will be posted on the BERKELEY PRIZE website.  Students are also asked to keep a photo diary of their time spent traveling, portions of which will also be posted on the website.
  5. All proposals must be submitted in English.

Submission requirements:


  1. A 1250-word Proposal that makes a persuasive argument why this particular opportunity will benefit your education.   The Proposal should indicate your understanding of the goals of the GLOBAL STUDIO Bhopal and your activities as a member of the STUDIO.  Each of the GLOBAL STUDIOS’ efforts is directed to a very specific situation and need.  You should be able to describe your special interest in participating in the activities of this particular STUDIO.
  2. Any itinerary above and beyond the 17 days of the STUDIO.
  3. A budget covering all anticipated expenses, including the fixed cost of  fees and accommodation for the STUDIO;  and
  4. If selected, you will also be asked to complete the GLOBAL STUDIO’s student application.

(For Self-directed travel)

  1. A 1250-word description of the program focusing on a persuasive argument of why your selected program will benefit your education.  
  2. An itinerary for the entire period of travel.   
  3. A budget covering all anticipated expenses.
  4. Reference to published material regarding the program, preferably a web site address that includes the name of a contact person.

(For all Students) 

Along with your Proposal, please submit a scanned copy of a letter of recommendation from a Faculty member in your academic institution who is familiar with your Proposal and who will confirm that your Proposal is suited to your abilities. The letter should also confirm that you are a current full-time registered student in an undergraduate architecture degree program or an undergraduate majoring in architecture in accredited schools of architecture worldwide. This includes Diploma in Architecture students who have not yet completed their Diploma.

Prior to receiving any funding, you will be asked to submit a travel Indemnification form provided by the BERKELEY PRIZE and a letter confirming that you are in adequate health to undertake the travel you propose.  (NOTE:  The BERKELEY PRIZE will pay for a one-time health insurance policy for the length of your travel.)


  1. The BERKELEY PRIZE will provide a stipend for round-trip air or rail transportation up to 1000USD to either Bhopal, India or your selected location from the city in which your academic institution is located.  The PRIZE will pay for the ticket directly, based on your submittal of the best fare available to you.
  2. The BERKELEY PRIZE will additionally provide an unrestricted 2100USD stipend for basic living expenses and any program costs.  It is expected that this will cover up to 3 weeks of your expenses.  NOTE:   The GLOBAL STUDIO fees, including costs for required program-arranged accommodation and anticipated food costs for the 17-day length of the STUDIO total approximately 1100USD.
  3. The Award is provisional, based upon your ability to provide the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee with the required details and documents related to your Proposal for travel, study, and service.



If you are ready to submit your 1250-word Proposal and Letter of Recommendation, please follow the link above. You may return as many times as you like to modify your Proposal.

Proposals due anytime before midnight, GMT, March 8, 2011



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