The Annual International Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence 2020
Berkeley Prize 2020

Jingni Wu and Xinxing Chen - Bio

Jingni: As an art student, my interests on social sciences always lead me to concern about the latest social issues occurring in my country, while exploring the art of architecture is another of my passion in the spare time.I was deeply drawn by well-designed buildings or artificial surroundings because I could feel that they actually exert a subtle influence on me. A room could smooth my mind and even build up a sense of security when I'm there.

Xinxing: I am an Architecture student at Beijing Jiaotong University, currently in my final year of the undergraduate study. In many research fields of architecture, public buildings and houses in China always caught my eye.

To further expand my knowledge, I took part in various competitions and academic meetings of architecture. I used to attend the International Solar Decathlon Competition and participate in the construction of an assembled aging house. At the International Sustainable Building Competition, I was awarded the Bronze Award as the leader of a group.

In September 2020, I will formally become a Ph.D. student at Tsinghua University. In my future research, my topic is going to revolve around issues concerning sustainable society and analysis of the digital city.

I've been thinking a lot that, except for delicate interior structures and magnificent exterior look, what other things a building could bring to its people as well as the city. The bricks-and-mortar industry may even be able to provide people with a soul asylum of noisy cities, which facilitates the recreation of community.

Through the lens of these two disciplines, I inadvertently noticed that there are some noteworthy problems emerging under the collapsing downtown area in the city where I live, for example, the elder care issues and the sustainability of the old town. It is my first time to realize that these old buildings are also a valuable resource that can be used to solve social problems in an imperceptible but profound way.

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