The Twelfth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2010
Berkeley Prize 2010

Mehrnoosh Khalooghi and Ehsan Sakhinia

Mehrnoosh Khalooghi:
"Since I was a child, painting, playing music and sculpturing were my  favorites. This strong desire in me made me to choose architecture as my major at university. By the end of this year I will be graduated and I am planning to pursue my education in higher degrees.

At the very beginning I thought architecture was just Avant-garde buildings for special people. As I progressed further in my studies and traveled more around my country, I figured out that architecture is more than just designing luxurious and expensive buildings for aristocracy. It is the matter of people’s comfort and tranquility and the architect’s goal is to create this space for people. I yearn to become such an architect and I will try my best in every moment of my life to achieve my goal."

Ehsan Sakhinia:
"First I chose mineralogy as my major at university, but when I started to work, I see no interest in myself to have activities in this field and actually my inner most is not oriented this way. The fact was that art and anything which is related to fill me with great sense of creativity and amusement. Architecture seemed a right choice for me and I can remember from my childhood that watching buildings during my trips with my family captivated me. I deeply pondered their designs (especially some especial buildings in Isfahan).

Now after 8 years, I am studying architecture. I have decided to become a wise and effective architect. And hope people remember me as a person who has influenced their lives. "

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Ms. Mehrnoosh Khalooghi and Mr. Ehsan Sakhinia, Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, Qazvin, Iran
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