The Eleventh Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2009
Berkeley Prize 2009

To Enter

As a Semifinalist you have identified a specific lost social tradition expressed through sustainable design that you believe should be revived. You are now asked to propose an idea for a design competition that will help foster a better understanding of the tradition and, perhaps, offer ways in which that tradition might be applied to contemporary design problems.  Based on your original Essay and the answers to the following points, the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee will identify the proposed competition that the Committee feels is most likely to be held and to succeed.


  1. The competition must address the social issue identified in the author’s BERKELEY PRIZE essay.
  2. Integral to the competition is the notion that the winning design could be potentially built and/or assembled.
  3. The competition must be organized and completed in calendar year 2009.
  4. Your competition must be fully endorsed by your academic institution and you must be sponsored by a member of the Faculty or the Administration.

Submission requirements

1. A 1250-word written Proposal giving specific details about the following items (these are “guiding questions” and should not be answered as a questionnaire)

  1. What is the title of the competition?
  2. Is the competition an essay, a sketch or design problem, a combination of the two, or something entirely different?
  3. How many hours/days/weeks will students have to complete the competition?
  4. Will students work alone or in teams? Explain your decision.
  5. How would you publicize the competition?
  6. Whom would you invite to serve on the Jury? At least two members of the Jury must be on the Faculty of your school. Provide names, titles and e-mail addresses for each proposed jury member.
  7. What should be the criteria for evaluating the entries?
  8. If the competition is a design problem, specify the size and number of any required drawings and/or models.
  9. What is the schedule for the competition?
  10. How would you interest the local community, including design professionals, in your competition?
  11. How would you distribute the prize money?
  12. How would you document the competition for the BERKELEY PRIZE web site?
  13. What else can you tell us about implementing your competition?

2. Two letters: 

  1. One from the faculty member at your school who endorses your competition and who would serve as the Faculty advisor. Your proposal should include the name(s) of that person(s), their title and their e-mail address.
  2. One letter from an appropriate official at your school endorsing the competition on behalf of the school.


  1. The BERKELEY PRIZE will award the student whose competition proposal is selected an honorarium of 2500USD.  (The case award will be dispensed upon substantiation of the start of preparations for the competition.)
  2. The BERKELEY PRIZE will provide 3500USD in prize money for the winners of the selected competition, to be distributed directly to the student winners in the amounts determined by the competition rules. (The cash awards will be dispensed upon receipt of the winning designer(s) digital portfolio , hopefully in conjunction with the local announcement of the competition winners.)

Additional Help and Information

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