The Fourteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2012
Berkeley Prize 2012

Víctor Alejandro Oseguera Abarca Bio

"My name is Víctor Alejandro Oseguera Abarca, I was born in Mexico City on May 12th, 1990. Since I can remember, I have always felt very proud of my country and nationality, because Mexico is a land full of culture, based upon its vast History.

From a very young age I started to draw: I always felt attracted by those aspects I could design in order to create a more aesthetic environment, so choosing Architecture as a career came quite naturally.

I am an Architecture student since 2008, and I have interests in the fields of Architectural Design, Visual Arts, Art Theory, Art Philosophy and Architectural Essay.

I firmly believe in the relation and interaction between all art forms, and in the role of Art as an essential part in the process of sensitizing society in order to make it dream of the achievement of a better future.

I consider myself hard-working, responsible and ordered, as well as a true possessor of an immense passion for Art. I think that, to succeed in life, it’s necessary to take professional action on these passions, nourishing them by the acquisition of knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration: a symbiotic relationship that can lead us to become an optimal society."


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Víctor Alejandro Oseguera Abarca, Universidad La Salle, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
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