The Fourteenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2012
Berkeley Prize 2012

Dominic Mathew Bio

"A forest trail peppered with hidden surprises is how I would describe these years of architectural study. It has led me to shun the cursory glance and take a more inquisitive approach towards my surrounding environment. The past five years have been a revelation in terms of my own city, New Delhi. The layered, chequered and in many instances bloody past of the city that gives it life, lending that credence of mysteriousness to it. Grasping the way architecture is intricately wrapped in the psyche of society; in the places and the smells has been an enriching experience. The essay put forward an important and interesting observation on the places that have directly or indirectly grown out of need and aspirations. These places are there, hidden from public view or nestled in the heart of the city and discovering them was pure joy!

As I graduate from college I would want to integrate the charm of architecture and design for the benefit of people. I would like to consider myself an avid traveller and in the process of visiting places I want to embrace cultures and spaces and to put this understanding to effective use. In the future I yearn to solve issues from a creative point of view and to simplify design so as to help individuals to connect to spaces."

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